Josef Gatterer
Bachla 2
I-39030 Falzes (BZ)
South Tyrol
Tel. +39 0474 528138
Fax +39 0474 528350

Quality Control Policies

The Business Enterprise

The main assignment for the entire Enterprise and its workforce is the upholding of its business profit-ability and the monitoring thereof, on an ongoing-, committed- and prompt basis.
As a company we are committed to the perpetual development and improvement of our company and the enhancement of all internal business processes.


We offer our clients customer-friendly passenger transportation services. We provide transport for every situation. We are the ideal partner for local transportation (public transit), for day- and round trips (motor coach) as well as chartered transportation (ski, tour, and shuttle buses).
The Enterprise adopts the attitude, that its work represents a service to customers.
The entire corporate appearance (coach, bus, the driver, care and service) contributes in increasing customer satisfaction. The Enterprise seeks to retain returning customers.


Correct treatment of suppliers is desirable. The optimum product (price-performance ratio) and the punctuality of deliveries are standard for the Enterprise.

The Workforce

The personal care of the workforce members is meaningful for the Enterprise. General Management conducts the business of the Enterprise on the basis of a large family. A smart turnout of the vehicle drivers of the Enterprise is considered important.

The Social Environment

Integration into the local area, and the furtherance of local clubs and societies, are important concerns for the Enterprise. The selection of the transportation vehicles is taken on the basis of ecological envi-ronmental criterions (i.e. ‘Euro 5 EEV’ - Exhaust Gas Emission Limit for ‘Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Commercial Vehicles’).
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