Josef Gatterer
Bachla 2
I-39030 Falzes (BZ)
South Tyrol
Tel. +39 0474 528138
Fax +39 0474 528350

The Story of our Success

The story of the Gatterer Bus Line began with Johann Gatterer, the first owner of a motor vehicle in Pfalzen. He offered rides when en route to Bruneck and decided to turn it into a business:

In 1953, Johann Gatterer and his brother Peter decided to establish a regular Bruneck-Pfalzen transit. When the Issing-Mühlen road construction was completed, they extended their route to Mühlen in 1956. Infrastructure development allowed them to offer transportation to Hofern on 1964 and to Terenten in 1967.

The company was passed down to Johann und Peter Gatterer’s sons, both named Josef Gatterer. In 1969, Peter’s son Josef sold his share of the company to his partner. In 1979, after two years of construction, Josef Gatterer started operations from a building in the industrial section of Pfalzen after the old building was seized by the city. He had already begun to expand the rental car business, an expansion that continued in the years to follow. He specialized in shuttle transportation.

In 1984, he purchased a travel agency and inevitably changed the character of the company. He offered not only travel by bus, but also by ship and by air. He also developed his own bus tour schedule.

Today, Gatterer Tours is a company proud of its tradition and its sense of progress. Our customers deserve the best in service, quality, safety and performance.

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